CO Endurance Series 10K

YAY! I did it! First 10K done, completed, AND I didn’t die. And what was even crazier was that I LIKED it.

Race conditions were not ideal to say the least, it was HOT and no shade – SPF was my BFF. Plus this is my first 10K and it was a trail race – which was a bit rocky (ha ha). Overall, I had fun and I’m definitely glad I did. Can’t wait to for my next race –  thinking about signing up for a 10K road race to see the difference before my 13.1

CO Endurance Series Denver 10K at Cherry Creek Reservoir

first10K Spending Sunday morning the ruNERD way

my Team Luna Chix friend also raced

My friend from my running group, Team Luna Chix, also raced today. She’s super speedy…also note the matching watches. We’re super cool like that.

finished and NOT dead

Finished and NOT dead.

because I'm nostaglic

…because I’m all nostalgic about my first 10K

excuse me for not posting more, I have a date with the couch and some chocolate milk.

Tell me about your weekend race!


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