need for speed or at least my race pace

after my post this morning I knew I had to find a way to still enjoy my workout for the day and I found a simple solution – I simply swapped my workout on the schedule for today with tomorrow’s. So instead of 4.5 miles I went to the track and did my speed workout for the week.

What a great solution. I absolutely enjoyed my workout…I like to do long and tempo runs in the morning but speed workouts in the evening so this swap worked out perfectly.

my workout:

  • mile warm up and form dills
  • 4×400
  • 2×800
  • cool down mile

(this is at anticipated race pace…but I tend to get too excited on the track and it was a bit speedier than my race pace goal)

Can’t beat that sunshine and blue sky

sunny day at the track

Lesson of the day: be flexible with your training…do what your body and mind is telling you is good for the day. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up over having an off day.

now to enjoy the last piece of pumpkin pie (my boy was sweet enough to save it for me) and have some one on one time with my foam roller.

**real time update**

Jonah just one up-ed his leaving the last piece of pie for me.

As I’m foam rolling – knock on the door. Waiting outside is my boy with these:

flowersyeah, I think I’ll keep him.


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