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baby prairie dogs are distracting on long runs…

seriously, two baby prairie dogs kissing – I melted (sorry the pictures are so blurry)
prairie dogs

I ran 11 miles this morning. Wore my new running skirt and I can confirm that it is absolutely awesome. No ride up and it was super light – I seriously had to check a few times to make sure I was actually wearing bottoms because it was so light and comfortable.

first run in new skirt

This is definitely becoming my favorite long run route

cherry creek

another one of my cute buddies

prairie dog 2

I was really happy with my run – even running at my slow turtle pace for long runs, I’m on track to finish my half under 2 hours.  But really my goal is to have fun with this race since it’s my first half, so I’ll be happy if I just finish with a smile on my face.

I had an Arbonne chocolate protein shake after my run. Never tried one before, but one of my Luna Chix Ladies is an representative for Arbonne and brought us all a bunch of samples. It was pretty delicious – AND it’s gluten and dairy free, which means its tummy friendly for me. I really need to get better about refueling properly after runs, because it does make a huge difference in my recovery time.

snack drawer

having a snack drawer like this is perfectly normal right?

oh and this is how I carb loaded last night


the waiter always laughs at me when i order a gluten free pizza with vegan cheese and ALL the meat toppings. Yes I’m a confusing person.

Do you have a runner’s snack drawer? 

Favorite wildlife spotting on your long run?

What’s on your pizza?


Newton Running tips & delicious desserts

So about yesterday…I had two desserts.

First was this before dinner:

Dessert #1And then I made these after dinner:

Dessert #2

brownieSunday was very successful.

I’ve had some questions about the advice I got from the customer support at Newton Running about arch pain when getting use to their natural running style. Here’s the low down from Liz (Newton Product Support Specialist):

There are 3 primary causes of arch pain:

  1. Over striding and landing with your feet out from under your center of mass
    Think about landing with your feet under your center of mass. Focus on shortening your stride, and picking up your cadence to about  180 steps per minute. Getting your feet right under your center of mass will help you to land more parallel to the ground on your midfoot. Watch a video on this here
  2. Impacting the ground too hard
    Focus on controlling each stride. Watch a video on this here
  3. Pushing off as you go to take your next stride
    Think about lifting from the hip flexors and core. This will help to take a lot of stress off the arch of your foot and posterior calf muscles. Watch a video on this here

It’s also really important to keep your calf muscles loose – foam rolling helps lots or try using a tennis ball for really tough knots. You can also roll the tennis ball under your arch to help stretch and massage that muscle (I didn’t have a tennis ball, but I found a golf ball and used that – worked really well!) Thanks again to Newton Running for all this great advice – you guys rock!!

On side note, I got a pumpkin candy dish – going for about 3 desserts today


love me some M&Ms and candy-corn!! 

Do you have arch pain? What have you done to fix it?

Favorite desserts?

Sunday Runday…Funday?

I was never a distance runner in my past runner’s life, but this morning I totally enjoyed my 10 mile run at Cherry Creek State Park. I feel much more mentally prepared for running longer distances now – that’s a big thing for me because not long ago running longer than 30 minutes was UNHEARD of.

Cherry Creek State ParkI think a big issue for me was learning to slow down on my runs – I’d burn out way too quickly on longer runs. I found this great article about the importance of taking your long runs slow (Runner’s World suggests 45-90 seconds slower than anticipated race pace!) and I used their advice this morning on my run, took it slow and steady and had an amazing run.

10 mile timeI rocked my Zensah compression sleeves and Newton Gravity shoes today – can’t say enough praise for those two running gear items. And yes I stopped running at 10.01 – don’t want to be an overachiever! 

My average pace was 9:36 which was perfect according to the RW article’s advice, and my fastest lap pace was 9:20 – I’m happy with that.

me after 10 milesme (not dead!) happy after my run…also rocking my Athleta headband and Oakleys – love those for running too

I ran alone this morning – my favorite running buddy was sleeping in today – which I feel was really good for me to do because normally I like to do longer runs with a pace buddy because I’m mentally a running wimp. BUT I kept myself on pace, didn’t stop once, and managed to keep my Espresso Love Gu down (there was an awkward gurgle noise for a min so I was afraid the Gu wasn’t going to end well). We’ll call it a successful Sunday Runday, and YES it was a Funday :)

Came home and Jonah made me a Gluten and Dairy Free (but not flavor free!) egg sandwich.

egg sandwichdelicious

How was your long run this weekend?

Have you ever had a mental block for running longer distances?

Favorite mid-run fuel?? (I’m still in search of the perfect supplement)

I did a little parkour on my run and other usual stuff

So, earlier this week I mentioned my evening run suffered from a slight detour. This morning was madness.

I had 5 miles at race pace on the schedule. I let myself sleep in a little because I knew it wasn’t going to get hot fast, so I didn’t get out for my run until 8:30am. It was a perfectly GORGEOUS day here in Denver – 60 degrees and perfect blue sky and sunshine. No complaints about the weather here. The complaints start around mile 3.5 when I ran into yet ANOTHER closed sidewalk – make that 4 closed sidewalks to be precise. And those side walks and cross walks happened to be right where I need to turn to get onto my road to go home without adding another half a dozen miles to my run. I was in no mood to power through a longer run today (I was on the home stretch already! and I knew I had 10 miles tomorrow morning), so I may have made several illegal road crossings, ran along a closed sidewalk, climbed a small retention wall (kinda felt like I was doing parkour) and trampled some flowers. It’s all for the cause.

On a brighter note, after I got home Jonah and I went out to run some errands together including stopping for chocolates and some delicious Garbanzo lunch. And yes we ate the chocolates before lunch – we’re just bad ass like that.


my plate full of garbanzo goodness…yes that is pickled eggplant – it was new and I’m adventurous like that.


After lunch we went to one of my favorite local running stores (same one where I bought my garmin) to pick up a gel shot for my run tomorrow, and I found an Asics tech t for ONLY $5!!! Here’s the tag to prove it:

asics deal

I was so excited because I think this is the first time in like 5 years I’ve paid for an item of clothing in cash – you just can’t say no to $5 running tops ladies and gents. This is yet another reason why I LOVE LOCAL RUNNING STORES – they have amazing deals, customer service and I love feeling like I saved a whole bunch of money on something that I wasn’t even planning on buying. enough said.

Ever have to do some parkour while on a run?

Pickled eggplant – have you tried it? Yes/No..opinion?

Best running deal you’ve ever found?

funfitgirl’s friday fav five

…whoa that’s a lot of F’s!! (FFGFFF) So I’m going to try doing the whole “favorite things Friday  style blog posts – bear with me, here we go…

1. Newton Running customer support
I cannot say enough how much I love Newton Running – both their shoes and business. About a month ago I got the Newton Gravity and recently noticed that I’ve been getting pain in my arches when I run in them further than about 4 miles. I popped onto their website and had a great and totally helpful chat with Liz from Newton customer support. I was concerned I needed a shoe with more arch support (I’ve never had this problem with my Terra Momentum) and was wondering if she would advice getting a shoe insert or possibly trying another model to be my road runners. The answer Liz gave was superb – she didn’t try to sell me anything new – and instead she sent me a whole bunch of videos about how to strengthen and stretch my feet so that running in a shoe with a smaller heel-to-toe drop doesn’t hurt. She assured me that over time by gradually increasing my mileage in the Gravity shoes my feet would become stronger. Kuddos to Newton Running for having a customer support team who knows their stuff!

2. Being able to run in the evenings and not die from the 100 degree weather
Thank you fall for finally showing your face in Denver and giving me the option to run while the sun is actually up.

3. weekend long runs with my fav running buddy followed by brunch
long runs are so much easier to look forward to when you know you’ll have your favorite running buddy by your side AND some delicious brunch waiting for you at the end.

4. butternut squash soup
it just screams cozy fall dinner to me

butternut squash

5. fall scented candles and “fall-ifying” my apartment
yes, I just coined the term “fall-ify” – it means to make something fall-festivity. I’ll bust out the pumpkin spice and caramel apple delight candles, cozy blankets and a candy jar full of CANDY CORN.

I hope everyone has a good start to the weekend. Race weekend or long run?

Favorite fall food? How do you fall-ify?

Sprinkles, Pirates and Getting Ripped

Okay first thing – I got a promotion at work, YAY. What’s sad is I think I was almost more excited to go out for celebratory fro-yo with Jonah that evening than about my new title. I should probably quick my day job and work for TCBY or Silk because I am obsessed with their dark chocolate almond fro-yo.

fro-yo celebrationyes those are coconut flakes and sprinkles. I love sprinkles. Give me ALL of sprinkles please.

Second thing – It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and my office is super fun so we all dressed up like pirates and went to Krispie Kreme to get free donuts (not that I could eat them- being all gluten filled- but I had fun going anyways)


PLUS I’ll take any excuse to wear those red pants to work.

krispie kremes

Was told I could be a model for Krispie Kreme…not sure what that says about me…

Third thing – Today on the run schedule I had 3 miles and strength. Around mile 2 I ran into a snag in my usual short loop –  there was all this new construction and the side walk closed in multiple directions…so I kinda had a melt down right in the middle of my run because I didn’t know where to go. I’m kind of a planner and like to stick to routines, so this mid run surprise was not really welcome. I got through and made it to the gym to do some lifting- which went a lot better. I’m really enjoying lifting more, I definitely can feel a difference in my running because of the additional strength training. I’m glad I was the only one in my apartment’s gym today though because I was totally making awkward grunting noises at one point. GET RIPPED, GET FAST. (just kidding I’m really not intense enough to say that)

Does your work celebrate fun holidays? Did you go get free donuts at Krispie Kreme today for Talk Like a Pirate day?

Do little hiccups like road closures mess with your runs?

Do you go into beast mode at the gym? awkward noises?

rain boot worthy long runs & pumpkin pie

here’s my weekend in short bursts of words and pictures of everything I ate.

Saturday: morning run with my Luna Chix. 4m at pace. It was very humid. I got gross. We all went for coffee after, sat outside in our grossness, and had an in-depth analysis of each other’s accents (very few of us are “Colorado natives”). kidding, we just spent an hour laughing at each other. we probably looked insane. love my ladies.

My first attempt at GF and dairy free pumpkin pie…I figured if I start experimenting now, I’ll have it perfected by Thanksgiving.

GF Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie

Jonah and I spent the evening discussing foreign politics and the meaning of life – in other words we watched “The Emperor’s New Groove” and ate half the pie.

Sunday: long run Sunday FUNday, RUNday! 9 miles on the menu. I dragged Jonah out of bed bright (well it was actually dark still) and early to run with me. Why would I torture him on a Sunday morning this way? Because he’s my favorite running buddy – he keeps me on pace, motivates me and we always have an enjoyable conversation while running…all in all he’s just a pleasant person to run with. He makes me enjoy running more.

I have to admit, I felt a little guilty dragging him along on this run because it dumped rain on us, but I really like running with my boy and the promise of stopping for brunch at Toast after was enough to convince him to come. I would have taken pictures because it was a new trail for us, but the rain made that a hazard for my phone’s life. Seriously, we probably should have been running in our rain boats.

Changing into dry clothes and eating this made it all better though:

Chai infused and apple topped GF french toast

Chai infused and apple topped GF french toast

This is what we came home to Sunday after brunch…have a little hail.

hail on our porchMonday: stretch and strength on the menu. I waited until after work to do it, which was a bad plan because I’m always kinda hungry and tired after work. Instead of eating the other half of the pie before my warm up run, I tried some of these (they were in a swag bag for a race a while ago):

sport beansThey did the trick. I’m trying out some new mid-run fuels as well…Sunday I had a GU espresso love gel. The flavor was pretty good and it definitely helped me pick it up for the end of my run, but the gel textures kinda gross me out.

Have you make a GF and dairy free pie before? recipe/ tips?

What’s your go-to fuel for running? Candy corn and jelly beans? Gels? Waffles? Please share! I’d love some input and ideas to try :)

Who’s your favorite running buddy and why?