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Moving Comfort Running Skirt Review

My Moving Comfort Sprint Tech Skort came today!

moving comfort running skirt 1

Here are my thoughts…

love the fabric weight and texture…the actual skirt is light weight and the boy shorts are a nice soft spandex/stretchy material with little rubber grippies on the legs

moving comfort skirt 2

moving comfort skirt

has two pockets in great locations – one up front with an open top and a zippered pocket in the back. I like that the pockets are actually a size that real stuff will fit in…a lot of women’s running shorts and skirts have ridiculously small pockets that could probably only fit a chapstick – like yeah I want to run my chapstick :P no thank you, give me pockets big enough for GU, my inhaler and car key. thank you.

moving comfort shorts

cute patterned shorts underneath the skirt

there are adjustable chords on the side of the skirt as well as in the waist band, so you can cinch it up nice and tight.

the only downside (for me at least…this really isn’t a technical problem)…it is a semi-fitted skirt. And for me, I really like things that fit nice and tight. I ordered a Small and it fit probably perfectly for a “semi-fitted” style, but I would have preferred something a little snugger on my waist and the shorts underneath being tighter- I kinda felt like they moved a little while I ran – like shorts more so than spandex. SO I just ordered an XS to see if I like the fit of that size a little better (Yes i am that crazy indecisive person who should probably never buy online because I like to try on ALL the sizes and styles 20 times). I’ll let you know how the smaller size feels.

Overall, this is a really cute and well made skirt PLUS its on sale right now – I highly recommend it.

I did an easy 3 mile warm up for lifting. My first time running in my Pro Compression marathon socks. I liked the extra support and circulation through my ankles and feet (more so than my Zensah compression calf sleeves) but I felt like they didn’t have as much focused compression on my upper calf where I get cramps and bad knots. I think it’s going to take a longer run in them to really see if I like them better than my calf sleeves or not.

lifting at the gym…obviously I’m super serious.

me at the gym

ALSO, I got this today – I think I foresee an all margarita healthy smoothie diet in my future.

kitchen aid blender

what’s your favorite smoothie recipe??


Yes, I run like a girl in a skirt

…and by that I mean I run AWESOMELY (is that even a word? it is now)

This morning I ran with my Team Luna Chix and it was hello we skipped fall and right to winter weather. It was a good thing I had my ladies to keep me company on my 5 mile pacer – otherwise I probably would have wimped out because I forgot my gloves and my fingers were becoming icicles. We fixed that problem by going to have our usual coffee date afterwards – I asked for an extra extra, “like as hot as you’re legally allowed to make it” (<–my exact words to the barista), soy chai latte.

I got these at our run today as a Team Luna Chix goodie, they are delicious
– I’m trying not to eat them off my lips.

luna chapstick

After getting home and warming up, I went on a mission. I was a girl on a mission to find the perfect running skirt. Here’s what I ended up with:

pearl izumi skirt

Pearl Izumi Infinity Run Skirt from the Elite Series

pearl izumi 2

perfect length shorts underneath

pearl izumi 3

reflective lime green accents.

and yes that is a stuffed giraffe wearing a tiara.

I tired on about a million (okay probably more like 7) different brands and styles – which was really beneficial and time consuming because I figured out what I did and did not like in a skirt.

Things I now know to look for in a skirt

  • a least one side slit, so I don’t feel like my stride is constrained, OR options to ruched up the side a little
  • boy shorts underneath, at least 3 inch inseam
  • those boy shorts need to have a grippy thing around your leg – I hate when shorts ride up
  • well thought out pockets – big enough for my beloved Gu or car key (I don’t run with my phone now so that wasn’t an issue to look for), in a easy to reach location while on the go, and the zipper works well – no snagging please
  • fabric type – a lot of brands I tried that a really heavy spandex/cotton type fabric that weighed a ton – I like to keep it light and flowy
  • adjustable waist band – I don’t know about you but I like my running skirts to stay up and on, no mid-run wardrobe malfunctions
  • look for sales, nice running gear can get pricey, but you can usually find great stuff on sale if you’re willing to spend a little more time looking and its totally worth it not to cheap out on your running gear – good quality products will take you through multiple race seasons

And MOST importantly – it has to come in cute colors.

I also really like the Moving Comfort Sprint Tech Skort – BUT they didn’t have it in the store in the color I wanted and size I needed, so I rushed home and ordered it. BONUS – the color I wanted was on sale and I got free expatiated shipping!

moving comfort skirt

Moving Comfort Sprint Tech Skort in Twilight – on sale now for $33!!!

11 miles on the schedule tomorrow, I think I’ll try out my new skirt. I’ll let you know how amazing it was.

Is it starting to get colder on your runs now? What’s your favorite cold weather running gear?

What do you look for in a running skirt? Favorite brands?

Favorite “warm-me-up” fall beverage?

Garmins and Granola

I got a new toy this weekend.

Garmin Forerunner 10

I took it for a run this morning, and I have to say I’m probably already addicted to this tiny, pink computer on my wrist that tells me how embarrassingly slow I’m running. It was super easy to learn how to use and the GPS found a satellite pretty quickly. Kuddos to the guys at Run Colorado for helping me select the right watch for my needs AND putting up with me asking to try on every color. I highly recommend supporting your local running store for all your running gear needs – they know their stuff.

I also made some granola:

Honey Almond Granola

This is an easy-peasy granola and tastes WAY better than store bought!

I have a gluten sensitivity, so I use GF oats and Bob’s gluten-free all purpose flour as replacements.

Here’s the recipe (I usually double it because I can eat A LOT of granola) :

  • 2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 2 Tbsp canola or coconut oil (both work well, but I prefer coconut)
  • 3 Tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • cinnamon & nutmeg (about 3 shakes of each)
  • 1 tsp flour
  • slivered almonds & raisins (as much as you want!)

Preheat oven to 300. Mix wet ingredients and sugar together, microwave for a few seconds to turn it into a complete liquid, and then add oats. Mix until oats are all glossy.

Spread onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Stir oats every 5 mins until golden. I suggest after 10 mins lowering the temp to 250 to avoid burning.

and voila! delicious granola. You’re welcome.

Honey Almond Granola

Gear Review – LOVE MY ZENSAH

I have really bad calves. Constantly tight, sore and all in knots. The kind of bad that I literally will beg my fiance to rub my calves every night. A few years ago I tore my soleus (that’s the inner calf muscle) and that calf has never been the same. Short story; my calves suck, I’ve just lived with pain and my fiance probably has constantly raw thumbs.

BUT I think I’ve found my calf savior – Zensah compression leg sleeves. I’ve worn them only once so far – a 7.5 miler last night – but I feel like I need to run to the top of Pike Peak and shout out to the world how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING these things are! I’m sold, hooked – I’m a total believer in the Zensah magic.

I felt like I could push myself a little harder than I normally would, and I didn’t feel tight or like I was going to hurt myself. Point is, it was amazing…I felt like I was running before my injury.

PLUS, they’re super fashionable (semi-serious…they looked cute with my runner skirt, but not sure they’re office appropriate) and come in a rainbow of colors to match (or mismatch) all your running clothes.

I’m going to need to make a budget for my newest addiction – I wonder if Zensah has a calf sleeve of the month club? hmmm…