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Brunching & Bubbles

So I got this race tomorrow.

Went to pick up my race packet this morning, and the fiance and I decided to stop at Snooze for some brunching. Excellent decision.

GF Blueberry Pancake HEAVEN

GF Blueberry Pancake HEAVEN

Chai with Almond Milk

After a success brunching, we went to pick up my packet and race SWAG. I’m not sure I’m a serious enough runner to wear this shirt:

race shirtI happen to like bubbles.

Exhibit A:

Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

I like bubbles

Cold is not 100% over even though I strictly followed the Get over Cold ASAP action plan. So I’ll probably be running  with tissues stuffed up my nose, nbd,  at least I got some tasty pancakes.