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Soap Box – Running Groups

I’m going to hop on my soap box for a minute and preach to you. I promise it won’t last long.

One of the best running (and personal!) decisions I made after moving to Colorado was joining a running group.

Why join a running group?

  • keep you accountable for your running – hey, you don’t want to suck wind in a group so you make sure to keep up with your running between group runs
  • learn about new places to run
  • advice on shoes, gear, the best races in town
  • support – we all have tough runs and bad days, having a running support group is mentally beneficial
  • its FUN! running with a group is 100x better than running alone

Your next question might be, “okay, I’m believer now, running groups are AMAZING – now where do I find one?”

I found my running group, Team Luna Chix Denver Run, through Meetup. Meetup had HUNDREDS of Denver running groups to choose from but I chose Team Luna Chix because I really wanted an all -women’s running that was a little more organized than ones with group titles like “meet me at Joe’s on wed”. Luna is an established brand that supports women, healthy lifestyles, fitness and has a delicious product to boot! So I figured a Luna sponsored running group would be a perfect fit for me.

PLUS we do awesome things together like the Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

My running group – we’re awesome, we know.

Not sure Meetup is the way to go for you? Try asking your local running store if they have a running group – the runner store up the road from where I live also has a weekly evening run! Other places to look are rec/community centers, colleges and fitness centers.

What are you waiting for! Get out there and find some run buddies!! Already found your dream running group? – tell me about!!