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Morning Run Tip #1

NEVER everĀ make a decision within the first 10 minutes of your run. Especially morning runs. Why? Because when it’s all dark and cold outside and your bed is all warm and comfy back at home, you don’t think clearly. Every step hurts more than it actually does because your muscles are not awake or warm yet, your breathing is all off from yawning and your mind is racing with excuses to stop. Point is – don’t.

At least not in the first 10 minutes. Give your body time to wake up and most likely you’ll have a great run (or you could really not be feeling it and you need to have a rest day – but hey, at least you gave it shot!)…and the best part is, its done, no worries about getting your run in after work when it’s all hot and you just ate a late afternoon snack that is gurgling in your stomach.

This morning on my run I saw the moon set and the sunrise – it was beautiful and a little trippy. I ran 4.68 miles, training schedule was to do 4 so I’m happy with that. I then ate one of my FAVORITE breakfasts of champions – coffee (of course) and a GF Van’s waffle with PB and fresh blueberries. DELICIOUS. done.
Breakfast of Champs