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Race Addicts Anonymous

So Sunday after my 10K, I think I experienced a bit of post-race depression.

A race is something you train for months for…it becomes the focus of your daily life (aside from the important stuff like eating and going to your job to make money)…it motivates you and if you’re like me, you get a little selfish about it.

And then in one short morning, its done. What now?

After my last race, I literally just curled up on the couch for the day. Was I really that exhausted? No. I was just having a experience the “what now” post race depression. Luckily, I knew the bigger picture was me training for the Rock’n’Roll half…but still that wasn’t enough.

SO (as you can see to the right of this post) I signed up for another 10K. I needed another race, to fill that little empty bit. And I wanted to do a faster 10K…I have a constant need for improvement.

Hello, my name is ______ and I might just be a race addict.


Pile on the Miles

13.1 miles. Am I crazy? I grew up a mid distance runner, no high mileage weeks for this girl.

What’s even crazier is the fact that I’m liking the mileage. Running longer distances gives me a satisfaction that shorter runs and work outs never gave me. I have time to focus on myself and my run.

That being said, running longer distances has not only made me crazy, but also made me a selfish runner. I feel the need to run everyday to get that time to myself, and I want to run further every time. I feel that the further I run, the better I understand myself; as person and a runner.  Running is something so completely about me and personal to me – I need that. It’s my daily therapy.

oh…and I run so I can eat this all the time:

TCBY chocolate silk fro-yo

So bring it on 13.1 – pile on those miles.