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13.1 in 13 days

…I thought that was kinda catchy, cool and that I should totally take advantage for a quick post.

Would it be super lame if I got one of these after my half?

13.1 bumper sticker

still going to do it.

hey, at least its not a tattoo.

13.1 thoughts about this craziness that’s happening in 13 days

    1.  What did I get myself into…this is really happening in less than 2 weeks!
    2.  Don’t worry – you’ve done all the training and you’ve definitely seen improvement…hey    you PR in a 10K  just yesterday!
    3.  Wonder what I’ll wear…gotta look cute in those pictures for my blog!
    4. How gross will my feet be afterwards?
    5. What if I have to use the potty?
    6. What will Jonah do while I run around Denver for 2 hours?
    7. I hope it doesn’t snow…
    8. I hope a band is playing Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the half way mark
    9. PRO Compression marathon socks or Zensah calf sleeves???
    10. I hope my participant shirt fits
    11. I need to think of a cool way to display my race medals
    12. hope I don’t step in goose poop while running through city park
    13. finish with a smile and remember, so long as I finish, this race will be a PR :)

.1 don’t poop your pants at the start line