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Race Promo Code! and holiday themed races

This morning I was invited to be a race ambassador for the Denver Winter Distance Series!

Series discription:

“It’s difficult to keep training through Colorado’s harsh winters, but the Winter Distance Series helps by motivating thousands of runners to keep moving. The series offers three events in Littleton. The first race is the Santa Stampede 5K/10K (formerly Rudolph’s Revenge 5K/10K) in December, followed by the Frosty’s Frozen 5 and 10 Miler in January, and then the Snowman Stampede 5 and 10 Miler in February. Each race offers a party-like atmosphere with flat and fast courses along the banks of the scenic South Platte River. Run a great race, and then toast your friend’s finishes with a cup of steaming coffee or hot chocolate. Register for the whole series, or just one or two races.”

…how great does that sound???

The series schedule:

Santa Stampede - Winter Distance Series

Santa Stampede 5K & 10K
December 14th, 2013

frostys frozen 5&10 - Winter Distance Series

Frosty’s Frozen Five & Ten
January 18th, 2014

snowman stampede - Winter Distance Series

Snowman Stampede 5 & 10
February 22nd, 2014

Seriously what better way is there to kick off the holiday season than with a race called the Santa Stampede?? I hope PRO Compression comes out with some elf themed or candy cane striped marathon socks for the season! I feel that as a race ambassador its my duty to dress up and fully enjoy embarrass myself for these races.

Best of all, being a race ambassador I have a promo code for everyone! Just use “WDS1” when you register to receive a discount! 

****don’t forget to enter my giveaway too! Ends this Friday 10/11****

Do you race in the winter? 

Ever do a themed race? Did you dress up??


Friday fav five – snow is not one of them.

It snowed this morning here in Denver. not happy about it. This is my Friday least favorite thing.  At least I have an excuse stay in on a Friday night, drink tea and blog/ have a netflix marathon….like I really needed an excuse for that :P

october snow fall

Now for my actual Friday Fav Five

1. I got my corral number for the Denver Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon…lucky #7! This also makes me feel really nervous/excited because it’s getting really close to race day and it’s kind of hitting me that yeah, I’m running a half marathon in 16 days. crazy.


2. my totally awesome mom read my blog post about pain in my arches and sent me this great “happy feet” care package. Having a mom who is a personal trainer definitely has its perks.

happy feet exercises

3. That same awesome mom also remembered one of favorite things about fall is that the Oh Henry candy bars come back on the shelf for a limited time…yes I know they’re neither dairy or gluten free, but once a year they’re worth the trouble.

Oh Henry Candy Bar

4. I personalized my HeadSweats Velocity visor. Thinking about going back to add a little something else…maybe a cupcake with SPRINKLES

HeadSweat Velocity Visor

5. I have a 10K this weekend! YAY for race weekends…I look forward to the extra early bedtimes and eating my go to pre-race power meal of wild rice and broccoli (I’m pretty sure that Oh Henry bar negates that healthy stuff)

Golden Gallop 2013

Happy Friday Everyone :)

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Race, long run, shopping trip???

How do you handle pre-race jitters?

favorite candy bar?

CO Endurance Series 10K

YAY! I did it! First 10K done, completed, AND I didn’t die. And what was even crazier was that I LIKED it.

Race conditions were not ideal to say the least, it was HOT and no shade – SPF was my BFF. Plus this is my first 10K and it was a trail race – which was a bit rocky (ha ha). Overall, I had fun and I’m definitely glad I did. Can’t wait to for my next race –  thinking about signing up for a 10K road race to see the difference before my 13.1

CO Endurance Series Denver 10K at Cherry Creek Reservoir

first10K Spending Sunday morning the ruNERD way

my Team Luna Chix friend also raced

My friend from my running group, Team Luna Chix, also raced today. She’s super speedy…also note the matching watches. We’re super cool like that.

finished and NOT dead

Finished and NOT dead.

because I'm nostaglic

…because I’m all nostalgic about my first 10K

excuse me for not posting more, I have a date with the couch and some chocolate milk.

Tell me about your weekend race!

Soap Box – Running Groups

I’m going to hop on my soap box for a minute and preach to you. I promise it won’t last long.

One of the best running (and personal!) decisions I made after moving to Colorado was joining a running group.

Why join a running group?

  • keep you accountable for your running – hey, you don’t want to suck wind in a group so you make sure to keep up with your running between group runs
  • learn about new places to run
  • advice on shoes, gear, the best races in town
  • support – we all have tough runs and bad days, having a running support group is mentally beneficial
  • its FUN! running with a group is 100x better than running alone

Your next question might be, “okay, I’m believer now, running groups are AMAZING – now where do I find one?”

I found my running group, Team Luna Chix Denver Run, through Meetup. Meetup had HUNDREDS of Denver running groups to choose from but I chose Team Luna Chix because I really wanted an all -women’s running that was a little more organized than ones with group titles like “meet me at Joe’s on wed”. Luna is an established brand that supports women, healthy lifestyles, fitness and has a delicious product to boot! So I figured a Luna sponsored running group would be a perfect fit for me.

PLUS we do awesome things together like the Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

My running group – we’re awesome, we know.

Not sure Meetup is the way to go for you? Try asking your local running store if they have a running group – the runner store up the road from where I live also has a weekly evening run! Other places to look are rec/community centers, colleges and fitness centers.

What are you waiting for! Get out there and find some run buddies!! Already found your dream running group? – tell me about!!